COMPASS PPM | Project Management for CA Clarity PPM



Data Informs

Data that informs isn’t
easy to find.

It's often hidden, or simply
obfuscated, by its massive size,
or the fact that it may live
across several systems.


Data Informs.
Wisdom Leads.

With COMPASS, data visibility arms
you with the wisdom you need to
lead your business.

Get Your Data Your Way

COMPASS gives you the power to slice and dice data the way you want to see it. Build reports and dashboards in minutes.

Easy to Use

A simple point-and-click interface makes it easy to find the information you want, with no training required.

Fast to Implement

COMPASS can be fully implemented in your organization in 4-6 weeks. Our Hosted & Managed Solution eliminates the headaches for your team.

The Ultimate PPM Analysis Solution

Data Informs. Wisdom Leads.

COMPASS for CA PPM screenshots

Welcome to COMPASS PPM

Axis COMPASS is the reporting and analytics platform built on the idea that what you really want from your CA PPM (formerly CA Clarity) data is the business information that lies deep within it. COMPASS provides immediate, on-demand, and visual access to the stories your data can tell allowing you the ability to make timely and more confident business decisions.

With a few clicks, you can go from a high-level view of enterprise-wide performance, to a deep-dive look at specific projects, financial data, and resource allocation. You can bookmark any view for easy retrieval, and MyView enables the creation of custom dashboards and visualizations. Reports can be printed in a number of formats, including PDF and Excel, and sent to your distribution list automatically.

Learn more about how COMPASS can bring visibility to your data.
COMPASS PPM on the iPad

Historical Snapshots

See snapshots of financial and project performance for any time period for comparative analysis.

Dynamic Harvester

Automates harvesting of all your Clarity attributes - both ‘Out of the Box’ and custom attributes from any objects

Data Warehouse

An in-memory data store containing all of your data from Clarity, as well as other sources of your choosing, that allows any dashboard, analytic and reporting needs to be met.

Integrated Visibility

Integrate data from any source, any database, website, external source, anything! Visualize, analyze and report on all of your data.

Data Dictionary

Full visibility and lineage of Clarity attributes to COMPASS fields, including partition, field labels, pages, and section details.

Instant Search

Find information on any data fast with COMPASS’s predictive search functions.

COMPASS Reporting

Satisfy all your traditional reporting needs and deliver pixel-perfect reports in PDF, PowerPoint, Word and Excel formats. Our new on-demand option delivers self-service reporting from Clarity and includes scheduling and distribution of reports to any email address, including non-COMPASS users.

What Customers Are Saying

Deployment Options

  • SaaS model with Named Users
  • No licensing, software, hardware, or hosting fees
  • COMPASS fully configured to client needs
  • Includes COMPASS updates aligned with the client version of Clarity
  • Dynamic Harvester installed on client asset or remotely
  • LDAP/SSO Ready
  • A traditional Software License purchase model for the purchase of Axis COMPASS.
  • Typically for organizations that already have QlikView.
  • Customer able to extend Harvester and COMPASS.
  • Annual Software Maintenance provides access to COMPASS updates aligned with your Clarity version.
  • Customer owns and manages hardware, QlikView software, connectivity, and access.
  • Customer will need to acquire skill sets to maintain COMPASS

A Few of Our Customers

Campbell's | Allscripts | Verizon | Trinity Health
New York Life | CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield | Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Recorded Webinars

Case Study

Learn how a health insurance company discovered data in new ways with QlikView, saving $10M along the way.

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